Clean Beauty

I have personally dealt with hormonal imbalance and don’t want to be using any product that is going to undo how hard I have worked to balance my hormones. We don’t fully know the long term effects of using products with harmful chemicals and I don’t think it’s worth the risk. To date, only 10% of the ingredients allowed into products are tested for safety.

Beautycounter is a skincare and makeup brand that I have aligned with because they focus on education. Their mission is to get safer skincare and makeup into every home. They lobby government, pushing for more regulation of the personal care product industry. Each year, thousands of consultants met with local congressmen across the country explaining the need for stricter legislation.

Are you passionate about your health too?  What about making a substantial income while making a difference? We need your help and we are always looking to add voices to this movement! Working with Beautycounter has been the most fulfilling and fun job I have had. Never have I worked with such a supportive group of women focused on a common goal, to better our health. I’d love to have YOU help spread the word that it matters what we put on our skin.

You can learn more about Beautycounter and all the good they are doing here .

You can check out their safe and high performing products here:

Think about your daily beauty routine and what products you are using. How many products do you use? Do you know what the ingredients are in them?

Did you know the beauty industry is basically unregulated by the government?.  This means companies can put thousands (literally) of toxic and potentially harmful ingredients into products because they make them work better (lather, color, potency etc). Yuck! These chemicals have been directly linked to hormonal issues, endocrine disruption and cancer.

Beautycounter creates products that are safer, cleaner and better. Their makeup and skincare is high performing….that’s right…the products really work! I have used so many ‘crunchy’ makeup products that simply don’t work as well as high end cosmetic brands. Now you no longer have to comprise!

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