Top Online Health Resources

Most of us rely on the internet to answer all of the health questions that pop into our mind. Especially during pregnancy and motherhood, we google every question we have, sometimes multiple times a day. “What’s a clogged duct?”, “Causes of Mastitis..,”, “Are essential oils safe for my baby?”, “What’s a lotus birth?”, “Risks of drinking coffee during pregnancy…”

You get the point. In this digital age, Google has replaced libraries and textbooks.

When I’m working at home and I have a health question, I go straight to the textbooks.  Since I usually am not working at home, I’ve also come to rely on web searches. While I sometimes start with google, too many random websites pop up and the validity of them isn’t clear.

I have found a few websites that are great resources and always seem to have well backed data. While these aren’t all of the websites I reference,  here are my favorites for when I have a quick not too serious health inquiry. And yes, if you know me at all you will know all of these websites are run by functional medicine based doctors and practitioners.

General Health

Dr. Axe

Chris Kresser

Rob Wolff

Dr Cate

Women’s Health & Hormones

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Dr. Jess

Pregnancy & Motherhood

Mama Natural

Wellness Mama

KellyMom – especially for breastfeeding

Whole Mamas Club

What are your favorite health websites to reference?


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