Top Online Health Resources

Most of us rely on the internet to answer all of the health questions that pop into our mind. Especially during pregnancy and motherhood, we google every question we have, sometimes multiple times a day. “What’s a clogged duct?”, “Causes of Mastitis..,”, “Are essential oils safe for my baby?”, “What’s a lotus birth?”, “Risks of […]…

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What to Pack for Travel: Carry-On Essentials

I’m traveling to the Beautycounter Annual Leadership Summit and I couldn’t be more excited. I love traveling and seeing new cities. The only downside to traveling is having to fly and deal with airports, am I right? The whole ordeal can be stressful and uncomfortable. Today I’m sharing my favorite travel sized carry on products […]…

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Why it’s time to ditch plastic

Plastic.Is.Everywhere. We are so used to seeing it and using it daily, we don’t realize how often we come into contact with it. Plastic is found in food containers, toys, coffee cups, water bottles, furniture, Tupperware, and cutlery to name a few.. The truth of the matter is, plastic is bad for us and it’s […]…

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Natural Remedies to Fight a Cold

Cold and flu season are upon us, and it seems like everyone is sick or knows someone who is sick. Kicking a cold quickly becomes top priority when you have children. You don’t want them to get sick, not to mention taking care of children when you are under the weather is the pits. I […]…

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Is coconut oil bad for you?

Every so often a report comes out and divides the health world. This week it’s about coconut oil. The American Heart Association has declared that coconut oil should be avoided.  The reason? “Because coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, a cause of CVD [cardiovascular disease], and has no known offsetting favorable effects, we advise against the […]…

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Thinking of gifts to buy people for the holidays can cause a lot of stress. As a lover of all things non-toxic, I enjoy giving beautiful gifts that are high quality and health-minded. I also love supporting local companies and especially companies ran by women. Many of my favorite gifts below are both! (#whoruntheworld). BATH: […]…

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