Intention Setting Part 3: Cultivate What Matters

The last part of setting goals and making this your best year yet is here! We’ve already covered making a vision board and discovering your habit tendency. Now it’s time to dig down deep to figure out what you really want in your life, with the help of the Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets.

I recently purchased this incredible goal setting guide and am blown away by how powerful it is. Lara Casey has created an amazing tool to help inspire women to live their best life. Anyone with personal and/or business goals can greatly benefit from this guide.

The beautifully curated PowerSheets start by taking you through a 30 page journey of self-reflection. The pages have you go deep, working through fears and concerns, and asking you to look at your happiness in every area of your life. These introductory pages lay important groundwork into zeroing in on what truly matters most before you set any goals.

When it’s time to set goals, there are action plan worksheets that have you write out your goals, why the goal matters and the positive effect of the goal. You are then asked to look into the future and think about how you will celebrate your progress with the goal and sit with how meeting this goal will make you feel. The psychology behind these exercises is well thought out. When you attach meaning and emotion to a goal, you are more likely to stick to it.

Once goals are set there are pages for each month that help you get clear in your mind what you want to accomplish for that time period. You get organized with monthly, weekly, and daily goals. You check in with yourself on current worries and work on letting those go. A gratitude page each month allows you to reflect on everyone and everything that you are thankful for in your life.

Throughout the workbook there are poignant quotes and statements that inspire. Lara Casey knows us women like things that are packaged attractively and the pages are brightly colored and so beautifully designed you can’t wait to open up your worksheets! There are darling encouraging stickers (hearts, check marks, “HIGH FIVE!” etc) included so you can highlight when you have breakthroughs and want to celebrate progress.

I feel like my whole life I’ve been looking for a guide like this. It’s thoughtful, fun and something about it (probably because it’s so effective) calls you back to it to keep writing in it.

One last note, Lara Casey has created an expansive online community where women who use her resources can connect, share their goals, and women can help keep each other accountable – all for free! I love how positive and practical everything on her website is, oh and it’s so pretty too. Take a look at her website. CultivateWhatMatters is fun to follow on instagram too. You will leave feeling at least a little bit happier and inspired.

Here are some pictures from the PowerSheets. I didn’t include the workbook pages as most of them are filled with my deep dark secrets 😉


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