Top Pregnancy Books

With endless pregnancy books to choose from it can be hard to know where to start and what is actually worth your time. I’ve read a number of books and I’ve complied a short list (because we are all busy!) of my top choices that provide important information for before, during and after pregnancy. Please note: There […]…

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How to Create a Non-Toxic Nursery

Planning a nursery was one of the most fun parts of being pregnant for me. Browsing the endless stream of nursery decor pins on Pinterest, I clearly am not the only one who enjoys creating an adorable space for my lil’ babe. While I admittedly spent way too much time debating over accent shelves, I […]…

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My #1 Way to Relieve Clogged Ducts

If any of you nursing mom’s out there have had a clogged duct, you know they are no joke. They are incredibly painful and can take hours up to a full day to go away. It makes it hard to hold and carry your baby and wearing a bra can be out of the question. […]…

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Lessons Learned From Labor

When I was pregnant I was looking forward to experiencing labor for the first time. I knew it would be difficult, but I also knew it would go beautifully. Being the Type A personality that I am, I did everything possible to prepare to ensure I would rock it and maybe even enjoy it. To […]…

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Breastfeeding: A Love/Hate Story

Motherhood has a certain way of taking your perfectly laid plans and throwing them out the window. Breastfeeding has been no exception. I knew it would be a little difficult in the beginning, but once that all-so-important latch is figured out it’s smooth sailing, right? Not exactly… well, not for me anyway. I could never […]…

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My Fourth Trimester Survival Toolkit

We did it! We made it through the notoriously trying first three months with a newborn, known as the Fourth Trimester. Most people will tell you this is the hardest phase of having a baby. So many people told me this that I was mentally preparing myself for battle, expecting nonstop tears and exhaustion beyond […]…

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