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It’s probably not big news to most of us that deodorants can have toxic and potentially harmful ingredients. I think it was one of the first products I knew I should switch at least ten years ago. I remember buying a more “natural” Secret deodorant and thought I was golden. Fast forward a few years when I learned what non-toxic deodorant actually is and tried a few. I did not like them at all. I never smelled bad but these deodorants had managed to make me stink. Not only that but they were sticky and stained my shirts. Out from the back of my drawer came my Secret deodorant again.

I’m not going to lie to you, no natural deodorant is going to perform as beautifully as your favorite Secret Clinical Protection but they really have come a LONG way in the past few years. There are a lot of great options on the market now that don’t make you feel like you are compromising your sense of cleanliness!

Let’s talk about what deodorants do for a minure. There are two types of deodorant:

  1. Deodorants contain ingredients that kill the bacteria that causes odor and contain fragrance to mask the smell.
  2.  Anti-perspirants are deodorants have extra ingredients to keep us from sweating. These deodorants contain ingredients like aluminum that clog your pores and keep you from sweating

Sometimes it helps to remember how smart our bodies really are in how they are designed. Our body knows to sweat through our pores as a mechanism to cools us down when we get overheated. Additionally when we sweat, we also release toxins and it helps prevents illness and colds! Using a product like an anti-perspirant is blocking our body from doing what it is made to do.

The problem with conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants is they contain a number of harmful and potentially harmful ingredients like fragrance and aluminum. Your armpits are right next to your lymph nodes, which are critical to the body’s immune system. When you swipe the deodorant over and over every morning, your armpit is absorbing them into your skin and into your bloodstream and lymph nodes. Additionally, a lot of these ingredients mimic estrogen and can lead to estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance can turn into serious illness, infertility and a whole host of yucky symptoms like PMS, thyroid issues, hair loss etc.

While doctors and the government won’t tell you that aluminum is dangerous for certain, when a women has breast cancer one of the first things the doctor will tell the patient is to stop using deodorant with aluminum.

Ingredients you want to avoid:

Parabens -chemicals known to disrupt hormones, can produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects

Fragrance – Synthetic fragrance has been directly linked to causing reproductive issues, cancer, allergies, adhd, and migraines.

Phthalates – Disrupt horomone and can affect brain development in a fetus.

Tricolsan -Alters hormone regulation and contributes to antibiotic resistant bacteria

Aluminum – a known carcinogen, a chemical that causes cancer

These ingredients are found in the most popular deodorants you find in any Target, drug store etc.



As far as safe deodorants go, I’ve tried a number of brands. These ones here go on smooth and make you smell nice. You are still going to sweat because there are no safe anti-perspirant ingredients period.

My favorite deodorant is Primally Pure. They have nice scents from essential oils.

Other top favorites from a online poll I did are Native, Schmidt’s, Kopari.

A lot of deodorants like Baxter market they are safer since they don’t contain aluminum but they still contain artificial fragrance. Anytime you see, “parfum, fragrance”, put that item back on the shelf.

There are hundreds of safe DIY deodorant recipes on Pinterest if you are into making your own beauty products!

Note: When switching from a conventional deodorant to a safe deodorant, there might be a  period where you are smelly as your body adjusts to ACTUALLY being able to sweat and detox!!

Have you made the switch? What’s your favorite natural deodorant? Share below!

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