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It’s been over five years since I partnered with Beautycounter and it’s hands down the most rewarding and fun job I’ve ever had. It’s been a huge blessing in my life in many unexpected ways from meeting the coolest like-minded women from all across the US to helping support my family.

Throughout this time, I have spoken to many women about what working with Beautycounter looks like. There are many common questions that come up so I thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place for you!

Beautycounter’s Story:

Beautycounter started over eight years ago when the CEO Gregg Renfrew became educated on how very little the government regulates the beauty industry (as well as many others). She was horrified at the chemicals allowed into products that we put on our skin every day. Some of these chemicals have been proven to cause major health issues. Of the 80,000 chemicals in the marketplace, only 10% are even tested for safety. Not all chemicals are harmful by any means but there are many that are that we are putting on our skin every day. Gregg felt compelled to start Beautycounter because she realized how unaware most people are of this issue and wanted to educate and affect change at the government level.

When deciding how to structure the company, she realized that putting a product on a shelf doesn’t tell a story. It doesn’t educate the person that this product is safer and a better choice for their health. She realized the story of why these products are safer is best told person to person. And so she decided the most effective way to get word out was to have women, and some men, working with Beautycounter from all over the country – and Canada!

Fast forward to 2019 and Beautycounter was declared the most Google searched beauty brand of all of 2018. The company did about 325 million in sales last year and is projected to do 500 million this year. The high performing products have been featured in countless magazines like Glamour, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glossy, InStyle, Refinery29 and many more. Additionally the products are commonly featured on popular shows like the Today Show and GMA as “Top Beauty Picks”. Celebrities and celebrity makeup artists love the products and are seen using them frequently. Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, Brooklyn Decker, and Alessandra Ambrosia to name a few.

While all of the media recognition is awesome and a testament to how amazing the products are, Beautycounter gets press for a more important reason. Beautycounter is frequently featured for its legislative work. You can read articles about our efforts herehere and here. Beautycounter isn’t just about selling lipstick. As consultants we have the opportunity to meet with legislators and educate them on the lack of regulation in the industry. Beautycounter consultants from each state have now gone to DC twice for safer legislation to be passed. Just last week Beautycounter consultants in Canada met with Parliament to urge them to pass cosmetic reform laws. There are also phone numbers set up where you can text and request safer better beauty laws at anytime! That number is 52-886 if you are feeling inspired, all you have to do is text BETTERBEAUTY.

As you can see, we aren’t just talking the talk but truly walking the walk. Pretty cool right?! You can not only be making friends and an income but also be taking part in history!

Now, onto the questions.

Is Beautycounter a MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

They aren’t a “pyramid scheme” because well in case you didn’t know those are illegal in the US. They also aren’t a MLM. Beautycounter is a direct retail brand. What’s the difference? In a MLM, you have to buy through a consultant. With Beautycounter, you don’t have to, you can buy directly through the company. Additionally, they do strategic partnerships with companies like Target, J.Crew, Sephora and Goop where you can buy the products in the store or online. They also have three brick-and-mortar stores now, one in NYC, Denver, and Venice Beach. You can buy direct or make sure your consultant gets credit at checkout.

What is similar to a MLM, and why people confuse us with others, is that we do have the ability to build a team. You have the opportunity to make a percentage of your earnings from your team’s sales but it is certainly not required to have a team. There are a lot of checks and balances in place that make it so you can’t just build a team and sit back and let the money roll in. In order to benefit from your team, you have to be working and selling as well.

Still worried about the MLM stigma? I can only share my experience but I have never had anyone question the integrity of Beautycounter because of how they are structured. A lot of people like to roll their eyes at MLM’s for no good reason and lump Beautycounter in with them. But as you now know, they aren’t even in that category. Here is my opinion on buying from friends. If the product your friend is selling resonates with you and is a good product, why wouldn’t you want to support them? 50% of Americans make purchases based on an “influencer” selling or talking about a product about it so why not know some of that money is going to support a hard-working friend instead of some random celebrity?

If someone can buy direct, why would someone shop through me instead?

Customer service, baby. Something that is majorly lacking in our web-based shopping culture is person-to-person interaction.  As a consultant, I provide personalized recommendations and I’m able to drop off or mail products and samples for people to try before they purchase them.  I go above and beyond to personally thank customers with a hand-written thank you note and I check-in to see if they have questions. From time to time I send little gifts to loyal clients. When was the last time Sephora let you take home products to try and then sent you a hand-written thank you note after your purchase? 🙂 I don’t know about you but I love the personal touches and it’s majorly lacking in our society. I know for a fact that my clients love the TLC too!

What sets Beautycounter apart?

Beautycounter’s motto is Formulate, Advocate and Educate. Create high-performing safe skincare and makeup, advocate for better laws, and educate through every possible platform. In that process, they place a lot of importance on being as sustainable as possible. They have earned a slew of incredibly hard certifications to obtain which really speak to their integrity as a company. They are a B corporation, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certified, and are EWG Verified. They also are a part of the American Sustainable Business Council and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

They triple test each batch of cosmetics for heavy metals which is more extensive than any other makeup company currently does. They even partner with Tuft University to study the endocrine effects of several ingredients commonly used in cosmetics.

I have not heard of any other company going to such great lengths to ensure their products perform and are safe, all while trying to minimize their footprint.

How do you make money?

As a consultant, you make a baseline of 25% and up to 35% of every single order someone places through you in a month. As I mentioned you can also make a smaller percentage from your team. There are bonuses as you promote and as your team promotes, some of them pretty big when you promote!

Additionally, Beautycounter periodically offers some pretty great incentives where you can earn free products and swag as rewards for selling, hosting, or recruiting. There are also very generous bonuses for when you hit certain titles. When you are on a supportive team like ours, we do extra incentives each month to reward people for their hard work consisting of cash, swag and products!

What’s the consultant discount?

Consultants get 25% off all products always! As new products launch, we are given the opportunity to get the new products at even deeper discounts.

A really cool perk is Beautycounter has teamed up with other clean brands and as consultants, we can soon get products 15% off from popular companies like Cote nail polish, Davids toothpaste, Ursa Major deodorant, CocoKind floss and many more!!

What’s the cost to join?

It is $50 to enroll. This cost gets you business aids, your own website, a comprehensive training program, marketing materials and access to customer service. Everything you can possibly think of that you might need is included in the back-of-the-house website you gain access to from invitations, press, social media images to sustainability reports.

While technically this is all you need to join, I highly recommend taking advantage of the deeply discounted skincare and makeup sets offered when joining. You aren’t required to or even allowed to buy products to keep in stock. What you do need is some product to lend out and use as testers to work this business. All of my team members who joined with very few products have regretted it.

Once you join, you are automatically enrolled in a three-month program called Start Counting. If you hit certain milestones each month in selling, Beautycounter gives you free product and product credit. If you hit all three months you earn 3 free products and $75 in product credit, in addition to all the money you will make in your paycheck! Taking advantage of this program is a great way to get started confidently and who doesn’t want free money and products?! Right now when you join and hit the milestone you earn points towards the amazing incentive trip I mentioned.

What is the monthly requirement to be a consultant?

In order to maintain your consultant status, you have to sell $750 every six months. What you buy when you enroll goes towards this goal in your first six months.

Is it easy to hit the $750? Here was my track. I hosted two pop-ups my first month and sold $500+ at each one so at the end of my first month I had met the requirement. The average order is $150 so if you can talk to 5 people in 6 month you will be good. But hopefully, you will be talking to a lot more than 5 people in 6 months if you want to earn money.

If you are already a member, you only have to pay $31 to enroll instead of the $50 AND if you have existing product credit you can apply it to your enrollment kits!

What’s the time commitment?

Let’s get real for a second. We. are. all. busy. The beauty of this business is you fit it into your life how you best see fit. What I notice is the busiest people seem to be the most organized and intentional with their time because they have no other option. Like any self-run business, you get what you put into it. If you work it 1 hour a week, your paycheck will reflect that.

I spent about 5 hours a week, in the beginning, learning all about the products and the nuts and bolts of the business aspect. Outside of that, it’s simply the time you want to spend talking to people and hosting pop-ups. I started with two happy hours a month and would do a few product drop-offs in between. Beautycounter gives us all the tools we need to host virtual pop-ups on Facebook and Zoom. I made sure to provide excellent customer service which has turned into many monthly recurring orders from members. Some people choose to focus on building a team and some people love selling. There are endless ways to work the business and you choose what you are comfortable with to make it fit into your life.

What kind of people partnere with Beautycounter?

There are people doing Beautycounter from every walk of life. From people already working full-time jobs with three kids to single entrepreneurs. On our team alone we have economists, teachers, nutritionists, estheticians, and nurses. Within the company, there are people from every professional imaginable including lawyers, doctors, news producers, and botanists. You don’t have to have any specific interest in health or even makeup to want to be successful at advocating for safer products!

Is there pressure to hit sales goals?

Something that is important to me and what I love about my team is there is we meet you where you are. You tell us what you want to accomplish in a month and we guide you in accomplishing it. Your goal can be financial, focused on personal growth, or talking to 15 new people a month. Whatever it is, we are here to help but not push.

But I have no sales experience and don’t want to be “salesy”.

That’s okay! I think the stat is 90%+ of consultants have no prior sales experience. I sure didn’t! We are so scared to be “that” person. That one person who messaged you 10 times in a row so simply – don’t do that. Treat people how you want to be treated. We are all so busy so I think we can all admit sometimes we get emails and texts that we forget to answer. Use your best judgment in what situations where it is appropriate to follow up.

Since we lead with education, I never feel salesy. I believe so strongly in the mission and after researching for years on the effect of chemicals on our health, I know it matters.

Rachel Hollis says it best. “If you are passionate about the product, if you believe in what you have, it doesn’t feel weird. People who are worried about selling something they are like,  “Oh it feels slimy”. It ONLY feels slimy if you don’t believe in the product. Because if you think you have something that can help people then you have to have the courage to tell them it exists.”

For me, the “product” is educating that what we put on our skin matters. How can I NOT share that with people knowing what we know?

Do I have to post on social media?

Absolutely not. One of the most common things I hear from women who follow me is, “But I don’t use Instagram, can I still do this business?” YES!  It only accounts for 10% of my business. I actually encourage people not to post on social media too much because I personally think it’s a turn-off. The magic is connecting with people in person and getting the products in front of them so they can learn about safer beauty.

Is it competitive?

I am incredibly pleased to say I do not feel like I am competing with people from different teams. I’ve been floored by the willingness of everyone I’ve come into contact to help. I can’t tell you how many friendships I’ve made with women within our team but also outside of our team from all across the country. There is such a sense of a bigger purpose we are working towards here and I think that really keeps people wanting to help each other.

What inspired me to join?

I joined when our son was only four months old. I was having a heck of time in the postpartum period and struggled with nursing and so much more being a first-time Mom. A previous coworker reached out to me out of nowhere and asked if she could send me full-size products to try. I thought, “Umm sure?!” Who doesn’t want a full bag of anti-aging high-performing skincare sent to their house to try for free?

I had heard about Beautycounter at the time because a few very well-respected nutritionists and dietitians were talking about it on their podcasts. I trusted them and had browsed the website but that was as far as I got.

After trying and loving the products, I looked more into the company, their mission and the business opportunity. I had just talked to my husband about wanting to do something that aligned with nutrition and prenatal health but I didn’t have the time or energy to take on clients.

I feel like it was serendipitous and I joined pretty quickly. Fast forwarded to years later and I couldn’t be more thankful this coworker I barely knew reached out to me. I’m helping to support my family and it feels good. I’ve made amazing friendships and chatted with many women daily just about life! I have so much fun with our team and it’s an honor to help other women succeed in business too!

I want to learn more. What’s next?

Let’s chat! Send me a message or email to I’d love to learn more about you and to see how Beautycounter can fit into your life. The most common remark I hear is, “I wish I would have joined sooner”. Right now when you join you can earn points towards an amazing incentive trip in Scottsdale and as a new consultant, you have a better chance of earning the prizes and trip than me!!

You can also learn more about working with Beautycounter here and make sure to watch the video below.

Don’t be shy! Leave comments or questions below!

**“Please bear in mind that earnings with Beautycounter may vary significantly, they depend on many factors, and not all Consultants will earn money.  Relevant factors include each Consultant’s time dedicated to selling/mentoring and their unique circumstances.  To see more about the earnings of Beautycounter Consultants, please view the 2019 Income Disclosure Statement at



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