Natural constipation remedies for kids

There is nothing sadder than seeing my son’s face turn bright red and watch him grunt and struggle while trying to force out a poop. He hasn’t had any issues with constipation in months but…

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Swap it Sunday: Cookware

As if it wasn’t confusing enough knowing what is actually healthy to eat, here’s a whammy for you. Did you know the cookware you are using is leaching toxic chemicals into your food and therefore…

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Swap It Sunday: Sunless Tanner

Summer is on the horizon and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a bronzed beach bunny. I’ll admit it, I LOVE being tan. By now, I think most of know that getting…

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Why it’s time to ditch plastic

Plastic.Is.Everywhere. We are so used to seeing it and using it daily, we don’t realize how often we come into contact with it. Plastic is found in food containers, toys, coffee cups, water bottles, furniture,…

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What’s In Your Candles?

Do you know what your candles are made of? The candles that are all over your house are probably toxic. “Alright Tessa, you’ve already told me my skincare, makeup, and cleaning products are bad for…

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Spring Clean Your Skincare

Ten years ago I started on a health journey to help heal my body after I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. What began as recipe searches and trying to figure out what I could…


Choline: A Vital Pregnancy Nutrient

Have you heard of choline? No? That’s ok. It’s not very well known, but it should be because its a little nutrient badass! Choline is a crucial nutrient aiding in many critical body functions and…


Natural Remedies to Fight a Cold

Cold and flu season are upon us, and it seems like everyone is sick or knows someone who is sick. Kicking a cold quickly becomes top priority when you have children. You don’t want them…