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Choline: A Vital Pregnancy Nutrient

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Have you heard of choline? No? That’s ok. It’s not very well known, but it should be because its a little nutrient badass! Choline is a crucial nutrient aiding in many critical body functions and is especially important during pregnancy.

What does Choline do? Choline intake is required for brain and spinal cord development. It can also protect a newborn against neural tube defects.

Not pregnant? Ya still need it! Choline is needed for liver function, muscle movement, lipid(fat) transport and for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

How much is needed? 450mg/day is recommend during pregnancy and 550mg/day when nursing

What foods can you find choline in? Egg yolks are great and the best source is actually – wait for it – liver. I know! Yum right?! Fear not, if you are a wuss like me you can take liver in a supplement. I take Dr. Ron’s Liver capsules and took it during my pregnancy. There is no taste to it!

Vegetarian? Brussel sprouts, broccoli and nuts and legumes contain small amounts (40-60mg) so supplementing is key for you.

Eggs yolks contain about 240mg of choline so two eggs a day will hit the daily requirement.

3oz of beef liver contains 350mg of choline.

Most prenatal supplements do not have choline so check your label. Brands that I trust that have choline are: Needed, Megafoods – Baby & Me2 or Innate Response – Baby & Me

There are many reasons to eat the yolks, all of which are explained in one of my favorite nutrition books Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe.

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