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What to Pack for Travel: Carry-On Essentials

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I'm traveling to the Beautycounter Annual Leadership Summit and I couldn't be more excited. I love traveling and seeing new cities. The only downside to traveling is having to fly and deal with airports, am I right? The whole ordeal can be stressful and uncomfortable. Today I'm sharing my favorite travel sized carry on products to make the experience a little more enjoyable.


While getting ready the morning of, wear minimal makeup and make sure to put on a great moisturizer as the stale airplane air dries your skin out. In the name of packing light, I like to bring my moisturizing lipstick in a more neutral tone(especially for those crack of dawn flights) so I can apply it through the flight in place of chapstick. Not into lipstick? Here is my favorite chapstick.

I always take a travel size face mist with me when I travel now. It's a nice way to keep your face feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout your travels. These mists can be used over or under makeup.

Essential Oils

One way to feel a little more calm during travel is to bring a nice subtle scent that you love. We tend to feel a little cruddy when we get off the plane so it's nice to use this as a perfume too. This specific Young Living Sensation oil is what I use most days in place of perfume.

Hand Lotion

Moisturize dry airplane hands with this rich buttercream hand lotion.


Airports and Airplanes = Germs. I always bring my favorite hand sanitizer with me as well as a travel pack of baby wipes.

Staying Healthy

I carry these DoTerra On Guard Beadlets with me in my purse every day. On Guard is a protective and immune boosting blend and a must have when traveling. They double as a breath freshener too!

Liquid IV - It's difficult to drink as much water as you need when you fly. Pop one Liquid IV into your water and it will provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water. They come in Lemon-Lime and Acai and are quite refreshing!

Hopefully these recommendations will help you arrive at your destination feeling great and ready to explore.

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