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Why it's time to ditch plastic

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Plastic.Is.Everywhere. We are so used to seeing it and using it daily, we don't realize how often we come into contact with it. Plastic is found in food containers, toys, coffee cups, water bottles, furniture, Tupperware, and cutlery to name a few.

The truth of the matter is, plastic is bad for us and it's worse for the environment. You can’t get rid of the dang thing so even when we recycle it, it simply piles up, leaching toxic chemicals into the soil. Our best option is avoiding it all together when we can. A sad news story recently broke that oh-too-well illustrates the worldwide problem we have with overconsumption of plastic. A dead whale was found off the coast of Spain with 64 pounds of plastic in it. I'm guessing your reaction was similar to mine, "WHAT!". Plastic isn't just affecting us and the soil but also wildlife in and out of the water.

For the ladies, limiting our exposure to plastic is an important step during pregnancy prep. Almost all plastics contain toxic chemicals that have a negative effect on immunity and hormone regulation, both of which directly affect fertility. Even BPA free can contain BPS which is harmful.

One place we find a lot of plastic is in the kitchen. Here are easy product swaps to help make your kitchen eco-friendly and a safer place for your family and food.

Glass tupperware instead of plastic tupperware

Stasher bags instead of ziploc

Bees wrap instead of plastic wrap

Stainless steel k-cup instead of k-cups

Stainless Steel Water Bottles instead of plastic water bottles

It's taken me a while to transition away from plastic. We still use plastic here and there as I write this article I'm thinking about way I can improve our habits. Make changes when you can and as you see fit. Mother Nature will thank you for any change you make, no matter how small.

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