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Juice Plus Chewable Samples

Juice Plus Chewable Samples


Juice Plus Chewables are what we use for our children's multivitamins. It's real vegetables and fruits in a chewable form that kids love.


You will be sent two Vegetable/Fruit packets (4 gummies total) and two Berry blend packets (4 gummies total).


Juice Plus gives me peace of mind knowing it's filling in nutritional gaps in our kid's diets.


 Juice Plus use organic methods PLUS they are NSF tested. This means they test multiple times along the process. They test seeds, soil, irrigation water, and plants themselves after they are harvested and again once they are in a powder or chewable. They test for Pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants (like e.coli or salmonella). 


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