I get asked A LOT about supplements and I am a big believer that supplements can play an important role in our lives at certain times to help improve our health. Even if we think we are eating well, many factors including stress and soil quality can affect the nutrients we think we are getting. I’ve seen firsthand how powerful supplements can affect health.

Pregnancy is a crucial time to be taking supplements. Baby will get what he/she needs and if you aren’t replenishing your stores, it can deplete you. 

It’s also a great idea to start taking supplements before you are even pregnant. You can build up stores so baby can use them immediately once you are pregnant (Remember all major organs and systems are formed in the first 8 weeks, including the brain)

I only support brands I truly know work.

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I work with a dispensary called FullScript that carries many of the high quality practitioner quality brands I love at the best prices I’ve seen. 

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