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Fertility Superfoods

We have so much power over our health and it’s truly amazing how making small changes to optimize our health can help our fertility and our chances of conceiving. Fetal programming teaches us that a…

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year more than ever, let’s show your favorite Mama’s how much you love and appreciate them. Gift giving is my love language so I look forward to putting together guides for ideas on how…

Baby Pregnancy

How to Prepare for Labor: Round 2

I’m getting asked a lot how I’m feeling about labor this second time around. My first birth with Carter wasn’t great and so naturally a lot of friends are interested in my mentality going into…

Baby Pregnancy

Hospital Bag Essentials

Hi Mama! Are you wondering what you need for the hospital once it’s baby go time? Here is my essentials list!  You can adjust quantities depending how long you are staying. If you are having…

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My Favorite Clean Makeup Products

Have you been hesitant to try clean makeup because you are worried it won’t perform? Let me tell you, the clean beauty industry has made leaps and bounds over the past few years and you…

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Working with Beautycounter: FAQ’s

It’s been over three years since I partnered with Beautycounter and it’s hands down the most rewarding and fun job I’ve ever had. It’s been a huge blessing in my life in many unexpected ways…

Baby Pregnancy

How to Prepare Your Body to Get Pregnant

I’m really excited to share this blog post because I believe this information is powerful and can make a difference in your pregnancy journey. That being said,  this isn’t a guaranteed recipe to get pregnant. There…

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My Favorite Non-Toxic Deodorant

It’s probably not breaking news to most of us that deodorants can have toxic and potentially harmful ingredients. Years ago, before I knew much about non-toxic living, it was one of the first products I…