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Taking the stress out of low tox living

with Tessa Bowman

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The Healthy Home Edit

The Healthy Home Consultations:
In-Home & Virtual 

Are you ready to make your home a healthy haven but you don’t know where to start?  I can help! I offer 1:1 virtual consultations and In-Home consultations for San Diego clients. I will guide you through exactly what to do to create a healthy space from the inside out. Click below for more information.​

Meet Tessa

Certified Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. Ten years ago a personal health journey changed the trajectory of my life. My eyes were opened to how broken our healthcare system is and how backward the overarching approach to health and wellness is in general in our country. I knew I wanted better for myself and my future family. Anger turned into action and for the past ten years I have been learning about all things holistic health and sharing as I go. My hope for you here is to help you feel empowered over how much control you have over your health. To feel confident knowing how to provide the best foundation for health for yourself and your family. 


The Healthy Feed

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