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Meet Tessa

Certified Nutritionist & Low Tox Living Expert

Welcome! I’m Tessa and I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a Certified Health Coach. I have a passion for all things health and wellness, especially for creating healthier homes for families through low-tox living.

I’ve loved learning about food and fitness since high school but health was just a hobby until I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy, and soy allergies when I was 21. I had been experiencing extreme fatigue after eating gluten my entire body broke out in guttate psoriasis. After struggling to get a correct diagnosis, I finally found help through a chiropractor and nutritionist. I had to research extensively to get a thorough understanding of what was safe for me to eat. This all was happening before being “Gluten Free” was cool and most places didn’t have allergy-friendly options as they do now.


Researching was a blessing in disguise and the incredible health world I was exposed to propelled me on this path of holistic wellness.


Once I got into the groove of this new, whole foods diet, I felt the best I ever had. I had great energy, my skin cleared up significantly and my PMS improved. I was so amazed by what I learned and experienced first-hand. I went back to school to become a nutritionist and later a health coach! I knew I wanted to help others get back in touch with real food and feeling their best, looking at health from a "whole-listic" perspective. Health isn't just food but managing stress, habits, exposure to toxins, relationships and more.

Knowledge is power and I hope by sharing what I've learned and benefited from, I inspire people to make positive changes in their life, moving towards a balanced approach to health.

I'm creating guides, posts and sharing what I do daily on Instagram to empower others to implement healthier habits for themselves and their family.

When I'm not working, I'm spending time with our family and friends in San Diego where we live! I love to try new restaurants 

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