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Non-Toxic Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Here are all my favorite low-toxic and natural holiday gift recommendations. I thought about what I'd really love to have or need and only included trusted brands and products! The holidays are the perfect time to ask for fun gifts that are also good for your health (and your happiness!).

I'm posting this early this year since so many brands have early Black Friday sales. Follow me on IG where I will be sharing the sales from brands featured here.


The Skinny Confidential Face Balls - This is on my personal holiday wish list! I have the Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller and love it! These help relieve muscle tension, help lymphatic drainage, and help sculpt your face. Keep these in the fridge or freezer for extra benefits.

Gua Sha is one of my favorite beauty tools. I’ve consistently used gua sha stones for facial massage for years. It shares some of the benefits of the Face Balls. It helps promote drainage, sculpts facial muscles, relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and helps with dark circles. I pair it with Squalane Oil which is lightweight, anti-aging, and super hydrating. Unlike an ice roller or face balls, the corners and edges allow you to be more precise covering all corners and areas of your face and neck.

Silk Pillowcase - We have had silk pillowcases for about six months and we love them. They feel so soft and cool on your face. They are more than just comfortable, they are great for your skin and help to prevent wrinkles while you sleep! Blissy’s pillows are affordable, made of 100% pure mulberry silk, and Oeko-Tex certified.

BodyGlow Stem Cell Body Oil - This Clearstem body oil is thoughtfully made to provide hydration and a touch of shimmer and is made with no pore-clogging ingredients. All the ingredients are clean and safe for pregnancy. Use my link and code BALANCEDTOAT for 15% off your order. P.S. Add Clearity to your cart too.

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio - These have been a go-to gift for me for 5+ years. You can easily break them up and gift them to multiple people. Hydrating, fast absorbing, and in three light natural scents. I buy myself a set and use it throughout the year. I've used hand creams for as long as I can remember and they are really the best hand creams!

Dry Brush for Face - Dry brushing has been a practice in use for hundreds of years! While a regular dry brush has harder bristles, a face brush has much softer bristles. It still gently exfoliates your face. I use it first thing in the morning before I wash my face and use gua sha or ice roller.

Silk Scrunchie - Scrunchies are a fun feminine stocking stuffer and silk scrunchies aren't just cute but great for your hair. They don’t cause big creases, they help prevent hair breakage and they won’t cause any frizz.

Travel Clean Perfume - Perfume is a really important product to swap for safer ingredients. Conventional perfume is full of carcinogenic ingredients. Luckily there are so many brands now that make better quality scents with fewer toxins. These travel sizes are perfect to keep in your purse or your car. I have and love this Phlur Missing Persons scent. I also love Henry Rose Jake’s House and Abbott Crescent Beach.

Non-Toxic Chapsticks- Primally Pure makes my favorite hydrating chapsticks. They are $4 each, come in 5 natural flavors, and make the perfect stocking stuffers.


Humidifier - This humidifier is on my wish list. It’s so simple and genius. Humidifiers are so hard to keep clean and keep mold out. The Carepod design is so easy to clean and it's stainless steel inside. Humidifiers are a great tool to have during the winter or anytime anyone is sick. They bring moisture back into the air which can help breathing, better sleep, and help hydrate skin.

Oura Ring - My husband and I have had our Oura rings for six months and we love it. It tracks your sleep, heart rate, calories, stress, and your cycle. It provides amazing insights into your daily health and how to improve it. The app includes meditations and breathework classes that are so beneficial to calming our nervous system. This gift is a splurge for sure, but the first five people who use this link will get $40 your order.

Acupressure Mat - People with back and neck pain rave about this mat. It increases circulation, helps relieve pain, and even boosts your mind. I tried it out for a few days and it definitely takes some getting used to aka it does hurt a little!

Pique Matcha - If you want a boost of caffeine but don't do well with coffee, matcha is a great option. I drink it every day. I drink Pique because it's one of the highest-quality options. It contains phytonutrients that help skin health and balance blood sugar. The L-theanine in it promotes calm so you don't feel jittery like so many do with coffee. My favorite part is they quadruple screen for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radioactive isotopes to ensure it's the best quality.

Bon Charge stickers - We use these stickers on iPhones, iPads, and laptops to help decrease the potential negative health effects of EMF radiation. This sticker releases beneficial negative ions to counter the positive ions in your surroundings released by electronic devices and other sources in your surroundings. Use my link and code BALANCEDTOAT for a 15% discount.

Vitamin C Packets - Liposomonal Vitamin C is the most bioavailable Vitamin C you can take. Cymbiotika has super high-quality supplements and I love these packets. Our immune systems need extra love during the winter and I love splitting these up and gifting to family and teachers.

Tongue scraper - These stainless steel tongue scrapers are a part of our oral routine. They help get bacteria out of your mouth and promote better-smelling breath. Look for stainless steel or copper and avoid plastic. They are great for kids and adults and our sons love them.

Healthy Home Guide - Gift your loved ones 35+ pages of non-toxic tips, education, and trusted product recommendations. So many of us want to help our loved ones be healthier but don't know where to start. There is something for everyone and this guide is great for beginners or seasoned low-tox enthusiasts.


Organic Plush Bath Sheets - We have and love these from Under the Canopy or Boll & Branch. A bath sheet is bigger than a bath towel and it’s all we have used for many years. These brands carry organic cotton which we prioritize since it's coming into contact with our body so often and our skin can absorb chemicals into our bloodstream!

Non-Toxic Candles - Everyone loves to gift (and receive) candles! Most candles use wax and scents that contain harmful chemicals. Beeswax actually helps cleanse the air in your home! Natural Sloth makes my favorite non-toxic candles with beeswax and essential oils. Use my link and code BALANCED at checkout for 10% off.

CBD Bath Soak & Intimacy Oil - Give the gift of relaxation (and a little spice) with CBD bath soaks. This set softens and moisturizes the body for radiant skin. It's specially formulated to uplift mood, relieve daily stresses, and increase levels of desire. I love this gift for your partner. There will be a Green Friday sale but I don't know when it is or what's included.

Organic Sateen Sheet Set - Sheets are one of my favorite holiday presents. Considering we spent 8+ hours on them a day, I love helping people swap to organic sheets. Under the Canopy and Simply Organic Bamboo are two of my favorite brands.

Grow Holiday Collection - If you like spray scents but don't want artificial fragrances and the chemicals that come with them, these are amazing. We have used them for years to spray in bathrooms or on furniture. Bamboo is my favorite scent but I love these holiday mini sets to break apart and make multiple gifts.

Wool Dryer Balls - These are a great swap to make for your laundry. Conventional dryer sheets contain so many chemicals known to be harmful to our health and VOC's, it's quite shocking. You can use wool dryer balls on their own or add essential oils to them so your clothes will be naturally scented.

E-Cloth - I'll admit when my Mom gifted me these I wasn't very excited. But I use these ALL the time. They are amazing at cleaning my fingerprint-filled computer screen and car windows, with no water needed.


Hot/Cold Tea Pitcher - Keep tea/beverages hot or cold in this handy glass temperature-controlled tea pitcher.

Stainless Steel Vitamix - We have had our Vitamix now for 9 years and we still use it all the time. They now offer a stainless steel canister which is a great swap away from plastic.

Xtrema - Upgrade your cookware and bakeware to safer materials. Most non-stick cookware is full of harmful chemicals that can leach into our food. Xtrema products are ceramic and they are a great non-toxic brand to switch to and that we use in our home.

Thrive Market Gift Card - Gift a Thrive Market Membership to a loved one. They carry high-quality and low-tox snacks, pantry items, baking goods, cleaning products, clean beauty, and more! The membership is $59/year and we have saved over $1,000 shopping through them in the past four years.

Glass Straws - Does your Stanley need an upgrade? Swap out your plastic straws for these glass ones. My friends and I swear the water tastes better! ;)

Balanced Bites Spices -We have been enjoying these organic spice blends for years. We have many of their savory and sweet blends. I love GarlIc Lemon Pepper on Chicken, Super Garlic in Chicken Noodle Soup, and I love to top my matcha or hot chocolate with cinnamon or vanilla-infused sugar. You can buy them individually or buy sets and break them up to make multiple gifts. Get $10 off your first order using my link.

Bees Wrap - Moving away from plastic is a top priority for our family. Bees Wraps take the place of saran wrap and they are reusable so you are cutting down plastic waste as well. They are cute and good for the planet.

Reusable Paper Towels - If you have kids like me, you probably go through a lot of paper towels. We bought reusable paper towels and use them all the time! You throw them in the wash once they are dirty and they come in cute designs.


Organic Underwear - Upgrade your man's underwear this year to organic cotton. Cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides and switching to organic will ensure the material touching sensitive areas won't contain chemicals you don't want!

Counterman Skincare- My husband loves this line. It looks manly, smells great, and is all clean, non-pore-clogging ingredients.

Portable Speaker- While this isn't really a non-toxic gift, my husband loves this. He is a music lover and brings it to the beach, park, and to golf so we always have our favorite tunes playing.

CBD Pain Cream - My husband and I have been using CBD pain cream for years. It is so helpful for relieving muscle pain and joint stress. Not all CBD is created equally. This is organic and thoughtfully sourced. You can get $10 off using my link and code 412702, sign up as a preferred customer for 20% off.

Laptop Protector - This is a great gift for anyone who uses a laptop. It is not good to have laptops directly touching our bodies. This is designed with advanced EMF shielding technology, our laptop mat provides a protective barrier that shields your lap from potentially harmful radiation and heat, allowing you to work with confidence and peace of mind. Use my link and code BALANCEDTOAT for 15% off your order.

Dopp Bag - I gifted this chic Dopp Kit to my husband last year. I love to support certified B corporations and this one is particularly special. Parker Clay hires at-risk women, pays living wages and benefits, and provides skills training, career advancement, and financial literacy opportunities to all of their employees in Ethiopia. P.S. You can personalize the bag.


Lovevery Play Kits - These are my favorite toys for the boys. You can subscribe or buy 1-off boxes. They use high-quality materials and are thoughtfully curated for every few months of your child's development. Every box includes a guide on ways to play with the toys with your child.

Hanna Andersson Pajamas - Our favorite organic pajamas. They last for so long and always have great sales. They have classic prints and festive ones for every holiday. We love their organic clothing too, they are really well-made.

Personalized Aprons - For your little chef. I love practical gifts that the kids will love using. These are adorable and you can get matching oven mitts with them.

Play Silks - We got these last holiday season and the boys love to play make-believe with them. I love "toys" that lead to open-ended play and these come in many beautiful colors.

Baby Dolls - Many baby dolls are made with plastic and can contain fragrance. The organic

Wood Activity Board - The boys love this wood light-up board. It's super entertaining but not too over-stimulating like so many toys are.

At-Home Science Boxes - These Kiwi Co subscription science boxes are awesome. They have different ones for every age group (0 - adult) and our boys loved doing them when they arrived every other month.

Crayon Names - While these aren't particularly non-toxic, they are made from recycled crayons. I think they are such a fun gift idea and they come in a cute gift box.


One money-saving reminder…When shopping online, be sure to sign up for Rakuten. It’s free and you earn cash back shopping through certain websites. You can add a pin to your browser and it pops up if the site uses Rakuten. I've had it for over 15 years I think and have saved $1,400+. It’s legit!

Clearstem - 12% cash back

Minted - 15% cash back

Kiwi Co - 12% cash back

Pact - 2% cash back

Do you live in San Diego?

I have a specific San Diego gift guide with so many wellness and non-toxic gift ideas and experiences!


I am an affiliate with some of the brands included in my post. Your support allows me to keep working and spreading the word on how to live a healthier life. It doesn't cost you anything extra but makes a big difference to me. With love and appreciation, Tessa.

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